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We are fortunate to call San Diego, California our home. We have the desert to the east and the ocean to the west, Mexico to the south and Hollywood to the north. Any direction taken offers a moment to relax with a hint of adventure. However you look at it, our geography says a lot about who we are.

Our company, UtiliMate, LLC was formed to support innovative products for the organized individual. The Magnetic Door Barrier™ is one of our solution products designed to help the Service Worker stay efficient while keeping Patrons Safe.

UtiliMate was founded in 2008 when we launched our first product line. We’ll admit it, during that first year we started manufacturing outside the country but soon after realized what we were doing wasn’t right. Later that year we pulled out and made the decision to manufacture all products here in the USA. Like any small business you get confused.. Do you go after higher profit margins or simply earn the trust of a customer. In short, we’re grateful that we made the right decision. 

Today we are proud to say, for the past 9 years UtiliMate has been manufacturing 100% of our products right here in the United States of America. We knew we made the right decision when customers would frequently thank us for helping the American economy. As you know, many manufacturers take certain things for granted but we are committed on building relationships to fulfill our customer’s needs. UtiliMate strives to provide excellent customer service to support the quality products offered.

We like to think of ourselves as a thriving small business. We believe in order to be successful you need to work hard when required, be critical when necessary, and frequently take a breath of fresh air. It could be our philosophy or just a way of life, either way it’s part of our existence. Innovate. Advocate. Do it right…

Meet the Owners:

Cesare Farace, President of UtiliMate, was raised in the sewing and assembly industry. We like to say, “it’s in our blood.” He was raised as a first generation Italian-American by parents that were immigrated in the late 1950’s. Soon after arriving in the United States his parents were both offered positions in the garment industry, similar to how their parents earned an honest living back home. Over the years they fabricated fine Italian suits, garment repairs and clothing alterations. Cesare had the opportunity to pick up bits and pieces of the industry. His parents eventually opened their own shop which gave him the inspiration to learn sewing and assembly. At the end of the day poor quality is simply not acceptable, hence the reason that each Magnetic Door Barrier™ is crafted with quality materials and notable fabrication practices.

Angela Farace, Vice President of UtiliMate, has an accounting background which keeps the company moving in the right direction. Like her husband, Cesare, she too is a first generation Italian-American. Angela grew up in a large family which relies on faith, honesty, good practice and traditions. Over the years, she has supported local businesses in their accounting departments which gave her an edge on how to run her own business. Nowadays, Angela has all her eggs in one basket here at UtiliMate. From the ground up she assisted in building UtiliMate as a company and the Magnetic Door Barrier™ as a brand. I guess between quality work ethics and a genuine lifestyle she really understands what’s good, fair and honest.

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UtiliMate, LLC – Magnetic Door Barrier™   PO Box 28686  SD, CA 92198

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1-858-776-5188  (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)