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   Product Info:

  • The Story: Many years ago Building Officials standardized on the width of a commercial doorway. Today the Construction Industry builds around a standard 36″ wide metal framed door. In short, Magnetic Door Barrier™ products take advantage of these metal framed doors with a one-of-a-kind door barricade.
  • Materials Used: The door barricades are fabricated with durable rot-resistant nylon materials. The magic is in the door barricades magnetic ends, we have integrated exceptionally strong magnets at each end of the barricade so there’s no twisting, pulling or stretching involved.
  • Unit Size: All of our door barricades are made to fit a standard 36″ wide metal door frame. Most of which are located in your high rises, hotels and educational institutions.
  •  Added Value: Not only is our products made in the USA they also conform to OSHA Standards. This simply gives you the confidence that your employees will always be in a safe and healthful working environment.
  • The Objective: Our patent pending door barricade prevents Patrons from walking through an opened doorway so your staff can stay hard at work. An innovative way to temporarily close off a room or space.
  • Bottom Line: Magnetic Door Barrier™ products are lightweight, easy-to-use and connect-in-seconds, it’s one of those straightforward products that just work!


  •  How to attach the product: Each door barricade comes with a built-in magnetic device at each end. Simply attach one end to the metal frame of an opened doorway. Once attached turn the barricade on an angle and attach the other end until you get a secured fit.*

*Don’t forget to turn the door barricade on an angle. Not only will the unit have a more secured fit but the signage will also be displayed properly. 

  • How to detach the product: To detach the door barricade from the metal door frame you basically use the integrated pull-tabs at each end. Simply pull the black tabs toward you until the unit detaches itself from the metal framed doorway.


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